Erikslustvägen 2, Malmö

Ananev matvey

Ananev matvey
suzuki sx4
$300Hour buy now skicka meddelande
Gender: Male
Transmission: Auto
Price: 6$/hour


My name is Nikolai, I’m driving instructor. My driving experience of 28 years of work experience as an instructor 10 years.Has license for training. I am calm, urovnoveshanny chelovek.Uchu control car in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. I train from scratch, there is a training area, about art, underground VDNH, as well as at any level. Overcoming the fear of Moscow roads run in routes of any complexity, including routes for the exam in the SAI; Lobnensky, Piyalovsky. Check on the Ring Road, the Third Transport Ring, the Garden Ring, center. I have two training vehicle; mechanics and machine. Always happy to share my experience and teach calm, confident driving the car !


suzuki sx4
suzuki sx4


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